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A word about my Who

I’ve had great bosses and I’ve had bad bosses. I've also had bosses who switched from one to the other - in both directions. What determined their greatness had nothing to do with their creative thinking, their sales skills, or strategic vision - what made them good or bad was who they were committed to be as a leader.

Their ability to connect. Their ability to communicate. Their ability to foster a culture where people felt valued. Where people felt deeply seen and heard. Where people felt confident to be their authentic selves. Their ability to always learn from and listen to the people alongside them. Their ability to create momentum and achieve results, collectively and individually. All of this was because of their commitment to their own leadership development.

The ripple effect the good and bad bosses have is immeasurable.

When I was working for a great boss, I felt heard, seen, valued and part of something larger than myself. I carried that home with me. It energized me and I was able to be that for others.

When I was working for a bad boss, I felt frustrated, on high-alert, stressed out, misunderstood, under-valued, unmotivated and under-utilized. I was drained, exhausted. I carried that home with me too and I was less than my best for those closest to me.

So forget about your why for a moment, and focus on who you want to be as a leader.

I want to be authentic to my lived experience. I am born from my lived experience as someone who has led and who has been led by authentic, great bosses. I am born of my lived experiences of bad bosses, too.

I want you, as a leader, to know you don’t have to do it alone. I want you as a leader, to be all you can be and to know that is going to change day by day. I want you as a leader to know your authentic self, who you want to be, and to be connected to it and to let it guide you. I want you, as a leader, to be authentic and intentional.

And I want you, as a leader, but even more importantly, as a human, to never stop experiencing growth and becoming who you were always meant to be.

Need help connecting with your why? Hit me up and we’ll dig into that.

One final reason for my why: I do it for my girls.


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