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"What to do when I long for a daily flow..."

T.E.S.T. Your Intentions & Move Into Action

It happens to all of us.


You have really good intentions to complete your To Do list, but something goes awry. Somewhere between intention and action, you take a detour and end up in a new week with the same to-do list.


This is called the intention-action gap. This occurs when one's values or intentions don't match one's actions.


I found myself in this place a lot. And I've tried various ways to coach myself out of it. Eisenhower Matrix, Pomodoro Technique, Calendar Blocking...and they all worked for a bit, but they weren't ideal for everyday action plans. So, I created one myself and now I want to share it with you for FREE!

Download My T.E.S.T. Method for Free!

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