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My passion is helping you gain confidence in your authentic leadership. I take a whole body approach, meaning let’s uncover who you desire to be and apply that to all areas of life.
That looks different for everyone, so let’s find what works for you.

1:1 Coaching

Let me guess: the lack of progress is costing you everything. You can’t stop thinking about it. You’re losing sleep over it. Relationships are suffering. Your mental health is suffering. You’re not focused. At work. At home. Anywhere.


Organizational Coaching

Whether your team is a group of emerging or established leaders, defining individual skills, personal values and professional goals will create positive transformation that results in lasting benefits for everyone: your individual leaders, your team, your company, and your clients / program recipients.

Leadership Cohort

You are in a leadership role and you finally have the authority to make the changes you know will be effective. And…You feel alone. Isolated. You have questions – yet – there’s no one to ask because you’re the person who’s supposed to have the answers.


Speaking / Workshops

Great leaders don’t emerge by accident. My workshops and key notes offer an opportunity to step outside of what’s always been to create intentional, meaningful growth. 

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