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What is a (Wo)Manifesto? It is a public declaration of intention created with the energy and strength of a woman. That includes virtues such as generosity, love, compassion, warmth, connection, discernment, resourcefulness, and creativity.



My mission is to boldly empower and guide passionate women to live a life of authentic purpose. Through coaching and services, I help leaders in 1:1 and group settings discover, clarify, and pursue their dreams by setting values-based boundaries and creating courageous and approachable plans with supportive accountability for taking action.


I envision a world where values-centered leaders boldly show up as their authentic selves, inspiring their team members and families to do the same. In this world, gender, race, and cultural differences are not only heard, accepted, and celebrated, but they are also used to create intentional and positive change in the world. My coaching services will continue to empower leaders to make this vision a reality.



I empower leaders to transform their 'one-day' aspirations into 'day one' realities. By gaining clarity, courage, and confidence, my clients actively and consistently choose to live a purpose- and values-driven life."

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