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Why I Start with Who, then Continue with Why

Simon Sinek tells us to "Start With Why". He even gives us The Golden Circle framework to do so.

I am a BIG fan of Simon, but I have a problem with where he starts. I believe we need to first know WHO we want to be before we can talk about WHY we do what we do. Instead of thinking about what you want to do in your life, think about who you want to be in your life.

We are human beings, not human doers. So forget your Why for a minute and focus on Who you want to be. Need an example? Here are 4 of mine:

Who Am I in 4 key areas of my life:

  1. Business: I am curious in empowering others to live authentically.

  2. Health: I am energized and strong.

  3. Love: I am/We are excited and bi-directional with inspirational and motivational support for ourselves and one another’s goals and dreams.

  4. Creation: I am consistent to seek improvement in my crafts of writing and painting.

The Wise Continue with Why:

  1. Business: To let go of this idea that there are boxes others create that we must fit into (Hello: ENFJ, Enneagram 2, DiSC dot i Style, etc.). To let people feel confident in celebrating who they truly are. To let my girls see a world of celebration and excitement around the journey of life, not just the outcome.

  2. Health: To say yes to experiences and not be limited by my personal ability. My simple daily desire is to run with and lift up my girls with ease.

  3. Love: My partner, Kyle, is my best friend. I want to be a partner who believes in his potential and celebrates his courage to go for his dreams. I want a partner who believes in my potential and celebrates my courage to go for my dreams.

  4. Creation: It brings me joy to create because I learn when I practice consistency and I want others to learn from my journey and my experiences so I commit to share my creations.

Here's the honest truth you likely need to hear:

You're not here to prove yourself. You're here to improve yourself. Karen Collins, Empowerlead

Not-so-gentle reminder: that thing you long for that allows you to be who you truly want to be? It exists and it’s waiting for you. Want help figuring it out? Set up a time with me today.


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