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Am I Doing "it" Right?

Am I doing it right? If anyone has the answer to this question in any facet of life, raise your hand. I ask it of myself all the time. Am I managing people or projects right? Am I parenting right? What about being a wife or that yoga move where I don't dare risk breaking my concentration to peek at my fellow yogis for fear of toppling over. Can someone tell me if I am doing any of this right?

I don't have the answer to that question, but I have an answer that has led me to a place of confidence in who I am: my right isn’t necessarily your right, and that's ok as long as my right is sincere towards me and those around me.

How did I settle into this confidence? I will do something that drives me nuts, but is a common tactic in the consulting world: answer a question with a question. Why can't you just give me the answer to my question, you ask, rather than plague me with more questions and no answers? I believe, in this scenario, more questions may lead you to a confidence in not knowing the answer to the initial question.

Who do you want to be? As a leader, as a parent, as a spouse, or even as a yogi? Can you find a commonality in who you want to be throughout the different areas of your life? I have contemplated my answers and this is what I have...for now:

  • I want to be sincere, intentional, and invested in positively influencing a desire for greatness

  • I want to encourage and inspire accountability and confidence for people to be the best versions of themselves

Whether that conversation is about someone's next career move or how to tackle the monkey bars on the playground, I want people to come away from our interactions feeling empowered, supported and confident.

I am still working on that yoga move. In other areas, however, I am encouraged by how my clarity in who I want to be has positively influenced my relationships, both professionally and personally.

Tell me, who do you want to be as a [fill in the blank]?

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” ― Christian Dior


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