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What is your base goal?

When we think of goals, we tend to focus on "pinnacle goals". Those set on the highest point of achievement - the top of the mountain - the biggest dream - the pinnacle of success. When we set these goals, it takes a lot of effort and intention to meet them. And sometimes, when we really go for it, when our sole focus is the top of the mountain, we start to slip, lose momentum. And then, we stop.

What if we reframe our relationship with goals? We keep our pinnacle goals, yes, and we also set base goals. It's the "yes, and" option. We are at the base of that highest achievement - what will we commit to each and every day that creates, and celebrates, daily progress?

The base goal is the minimum I’m committing to each day that creates daily progress. For example – a year ago today, I committed to a daily 6 minute morning meditation practice to center myself on my own values. Just 6 minutes was my base goal. My pinnacle goal is to live my most fulfilled life by being true to my core values each and every day. Most days I do more than 6 minutes of meditation, but at a minimum I meditate for 6 minutes to center myself on my own values.

I’m happy to report that I had a 96% success rate in daily meditation! There were days that I delayed my 6 minutes to later in the morning or even meditated at night if I realized I skipped it during the day but I had less than 15 days out of 366 where I did not complete my base goal of 6 minutes of meditation a day. And, I am happy to also report I have seen transformational progress! I am more focused. I am more dialed into who I want to be in this world and I am making conscious choice to show up on purpose in all facets of my life.

When looking at your current professional goal, it goes the same way: what is your pinnacle goal, and also, what are your base goals you are committed to each and every day? How will you conquer the mountain?

Keep hiking towards the mountain top and while doing so, commit to the individual steps that create forward progress each and everyday.


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