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My Thoughts on Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

Yesterday, my darling daughters fell asleep in the car. So I sat in a parking lot for an hour and finished listening to Dare to Lead by Brené Brown.

First, let's give some major credit to both toddlers for taking a double nap and offering me a little quiet time! I will accept this gift anytime/anywhere, even a restaurant parking lot. Double win: the extra hour meant dad got to meet us for dinner!

Second, I cannot encourage you enough to read or listen to this book right now if you seek tips for authenticity in your life.

Here are 7 of my noteworthy takeaways. I'm not going to give lengthy explanations on why they felt worthy of writing down, I just want to offer a glimpse into the brilliance just enough to get you to start it today (seriously, today!).

  1. A challenge to live B.I.G. with boundaries, integrity and generosity

  2. Choose courage over comfort- the discomfort lasts 8 seconds. It’s like riding a bull.

  3. 10 “rumble tools” to offer daring leadership vs armored leadership (I have already experienced change by using these!)

  4. 8 quick to spot signs I am ready to give sincere, productive feedback and 6 genuine tips for receiving feedback well (again, already seeing change!)

  5. Silence is not brave leadership - be brave enough to say I see you and I hear you. I don’t have all the answers but I will walk with you.

  6. Allow people to have feelings without taking responsibility for those feelings. Making space for people to feel what they feel doesn’t include punishing or taking care of them through those feelings.

  7. I am not your map maker, I am a fellow traveler and I am going down this path with you.

I have a lot more takeaways written down for reference as I go forth and Dare to Lead with vulnerability, courage, curiosity and intention to be the change I wish to see today. Don't be surprised if they show up sprinkled throughout future posts!

If you’ve read it too, what are some of your noteworthy takeaways?

PS - these two are just the cutest! After their car nap and restaurant dinner, we came home and baked after-Christmas cookies together!

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